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What we do with your data


The only data we hold is the name, email address and possibly postal address and phone number of people who have given us those details as supporters of @rchers @narchists or have asked for information about our glorious movement.  For those who have subscribed we record when you paid and when you may be due, although you will note that there is no longer a fee being charged.


Info is stored in a password protected file and is never passed to any third party, not even those nice people in India who phone you to tell you your “Microsoft Computer” is compromised.


If you wish to be expunged from our records you only have to ask by writing to us at mail@archersanarchists.com and you will be consigned to oblivion as far as we are concerned. 



The Archers are real – there is no cast

Please note that this cat is not in any way meant to represent the late Sammy The Cat but is here because of his good choice of reading material.


The views on this website are not necessarily the views of Archers Anarchists nor of anyone else.

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