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The BBC have told us that Ambridge pre-2020 is to be played soon. As there has been no apparent evidence of Covid 19 in Borcestershire are we to assume that T-virus attacked the village yonks ago and we have been listening to the everyday story of zombies?


Glynis Bates


Is there no limit to Tugger's denseness - or his faith in Philip, for that matter? After visiting Blake in hospital to see if he could find out anything about the cause of the explosion, he merely commented that Blake, clearly in a state of abject terror, seemed a little confused. Since then, despite discovering vital clues and spending weeks turning the conundrum over in his mind, Roy has got precisely nowhere. You can practically hear the cogs in his brain going round and round, slowly and laboriously, and just when you think - at last, he's got it! - back to square one, like a download failure. It's so frustrating, I keep wanting to shout at the radio.  Makes you wish he'd offered to be just good friends with savvy Tracy instead of running a mile when she fancied him. If only he'd confided in her about Blake, she'd have sussed out Philip's villainy in no time. Stick to the day job, Roy. You'll never make a detective. 




Loved the quiz.  Almost as good as the technical discussions (or good natured shouting matches as we call them). First of all.... Thank you!
We did participate as Knighthood for Nelson Gabriel, though next week we may be SRPAWA (Society for the Restoration of Pat Archer's Welsh Accent). We were going to take, advantage of our voucher for a free month's holiday in Richard Branson's Necker Island but we've cancelled as another virtual voyage to Ambridge sounded more fun.




It was very satisfying to discover that formerly tiresome Philip Moss is a wrong-'un after all and I'm looking forward to the village being in lockdown when the virus finally hits, with Shulugh and Staring Alan doubtless evoking the spirit of Eyam. And can we expect Foghorn and Peggoi to sacrifice themselves and resist being taken to Borchester General in order to free up scarce intensive care beds?





Why is it that news has travelled so slowly to Ambridge about staying in? It seems that only Philip Moss and his son Gavin have been responsible, insisting that their workers stay in lockdown and providing them with food parcels as instructed? How can they help it if there’s a food shortage? 





Adding insult to injury to replace the Friday edition by another 15 Minutes of Front Bloody Row:


‘Hallo.Tonight we review Banksy’s new exhibition, where visitors are invited to throw coal at Margaret Thatcher’s coffin. Singer-songwriter Duncan Dreary, on what it was like to live next door to the late, great Amy Winehouse in the drying-out clinic. The Bay City Rockers on the tribulations of being a tribute band. And we talk to the author of a new book, arguing that classical composer Mozart was probably a paedophile."





Look forward to Peggy getting old batflu.



What is nature doing to put a protective bubble around the most irritating people on the planet?


Kate Booth


Have to say am VERY confused at present as to precisely where Ambridge is, for it to have had no pandemic news or victims. If only we could all flee there (after 21 days’ quarantine of course)


Kay Watt




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