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Membership - new system for the 21st Century

Up until now we have charged a modest subscription of £11 in return for which subscribers get, eventually, four newsletters before being asked to renew.  Whilst it has always been a moveable feast or more of a famine while you wait for the next newsletter, it has in recent years become as rare a sighting as hens' teeth, rocking horse excrement or a successful business venture at Bridge Farm.


We are still committed to producing newsletters but due to Brexit, global warming, interest rates, inflation, overcrowding, transport links, crime, carbohydrates and a general lowering of standards in education and humanity itself we feel embarrassed to go on taking wonga from the Archers-hating public.  We are therefore ceasing to recruit members.


If you are an existing subscriber, you can either hang on in there and wait for your newsletters which will eventually emerge, subject to the continued reasonable health of the editor, or you can demand a not-much-quibble refund of the remainder of your subscription.  This would probably be paid to you in postage stamps due to the relatively small sums involved.  Just let us know if you want out, we wont take offence.  We keep surprisingly accurate records for some unknown reason so the admin would be achievable.  We obviously hope you will stay with us as it is lonely fighting castism without you, however lacklustre that battle may be.


If you are not a subscriber at the moment but would like to become one, you can simply join our mailing list by request.  When newsletters are published we will let you know and offer you access to these.  For the time being we will have no talk of money, which we know is a very vulgar topic of conversation but if we need to seek any form of donation in the future we will cross that bridge over the Am when we get to it.


The Editor

Costa Rica



The Archers are real – there is no cast

Please note that this cat is not in any way meant to represent the late Sammy The Cat but is here because of his good choice of reading material.


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