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Live Online Event Friday 18 December - Quiz

To celebrate the sale of the Horses and the 25th Anniversary of @rchers @narchists we are holding a seasonal Quiz.


We have all had a lot to put up with this year, but at least we can see some light at the end of the tunnel with the ending of the Moany Monologues and the axing of Jailbird's ludicrous radio show. 


It will of course commence at 7.02 pm


If you would like to take part in this joyous initiative would you please click HERE and use the form. Simply type "QUIZ" in the message.  We will let you know how to join the event the day before.


It is important to note that by expressing interest you are accepting that the Archers are real - there is no cast.

The Archers are real – there is no cast

Please note that this cat is not in any way meant to represent the late Sammy The Cat but is here because of his good choice of reading material.


The views on this website are not necessarily the views of Archers Anarchists nor of anyone else.

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